About Resort Vacation Accommodations

What is a Vacation Rental?

Many of our consumers ask, “What is a vacation rental?” The general definition of a vacation rental is a home, townhouse or condominium, owned by a private individual that is available for rent. The primary benefits of staying in a vacation home versus staying in a hotel are:

  • More Space. Instead of small-spaced rooms with two beds, vacation rentals allow the entire family to stay under the same roof often with multiple rooms. This kind of accommodation is well-suited for extended stays.
  • More Amenities. These properties offer more amenities than hotels, such as fully-equipped kitchens, fireplaces and private hot tubs and pools.
  • Great Locations. Vacation rentals are often, literally, directly on the beach - try that from your hotel room!
  • Privacy. Free from the people and environment that comes with noisy hotels, privacy is one of the biggest benefits of vacation rentals.

Why Choose RVA?

With Resort Vacation Accommodations you are dealing with a credible, professional company – a true hospitality company – that will be there for you throughout your stay. We book your reservations, provide local check-in offices with full on-site staff, we ensure standardized quality ratings throughout all of our vacation properties, and even offer professional housekeeping services.

  • Best Selection – we've managed vacation rentals in the seven popular destinations Anna Maria Island, Bradenton, Longboat Key, Lido Key, Siesta Key, and Sarasota for over 25 years.
  • Easy Reservation Process – our reservationist are local, so that means we’ve been to the properties and can tell you everything about your stay in that particular unit. Reservations can also be booked online at RVAFL.com. To follow-up we send the confirmation, and are there at check-in when you arrive – just like a hotel experience.
  • Standard Quality Ratings – our quality ratings are conducted internally by our experienced staff. In the vacation rental industry, each unit has it own décor, thus the quality of the interiors can differ greatly (e.g. flat-screen TV, upgraded bedding and leather couches vs. 32-inch tube TV, standard bedding and couch). Therefore, we provide a way to compare the quality of one unit to another using the Southwest Florida Property Rating Standards.
  • Local Check-in Offices – Resort Vacation Accommodations maintains local check-in offices in every destination with a full staff on-site to provide the highest service levels to guests – just like you would expect at a hotel.
  • Housekeeping – All units are professionally cleaned and serviced by our maintenance and housekeeping professionals between rentals. In fact, many of our complexes andunits offer daily housekeeping. Check the housekeeping details of the individual property or call 877-230-9838 for more information.

So relax. Book with confidence, and enjoy the RVA difference.


Discover vacation rentals at any of our Southwest Florida destinations:

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