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Owner FAQ

Am I restricted in the use of my property?
No, there are no restrictions on owner usage. However, be aware that the more you use your home the less opportunity we
have to expose it to potential guests. We encourage owners to refrain from prolonged use of their home during peak winter
and holiday seasons as this limits our opportunity for capturing revenues at a higher price point.

How does your rating system work?
Once in the vacation rental program, a member of our team visits your home to evaluate it. Each home is carefully critiqued
based on quality, condition, appearance and amenities. Based on the level of standard of each property, it is then categorized
as an EVP, Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze home. These ratings are used to communicate the relative quality and condition
of the interior, as well as the amenities of each home to our guests. Guests have come to rely on our trusted rating system
to help in their expectations of the rental home. For example, flat screen TV’s and granite countertops are luxury items that
guests come to expect from our Gold and higher units. Below is a key explaining our rating system.

EVP Rating
EVP (Exclusive Vacation Property): An exclusive group of extraordinary accommodations that are so luxurious and unique they are in a class of their own.
Platinum Rating
Platinum Rating: Exceptional accommodations, marked by unique design, that offer superior, quality furnishings, luxury features, designer appointments, and top-of-the-line kitchens, baths and amenities.
Gold Rating
Gold Rating: Upscale accommodations, with an element of designer touches
Silver Rating
Silver Rating: Well-appointed accommodations
Bronze Rating
Bronze Rating: Comfortable, basic accommodations

What does my home rating mean?
All homes are rated on a range from EVP to Bronze, and signal to the guest what kind of amenities and décor they can expect
inside a home. Higher-rated homes have the ingredients for higher revenue potential. However, Bronze and Silver units are
sometimes rented more often because of the attractive price point to guests, and thus produce significant revenue through
frequency rather than price.

How will my home be rented in comparison to other homes?
Guests’ needs and preferences are the primary criteria in determining where the guest is placed. Location, beach access,
wireless internet availability, bedding configuration and pool inclusion are the most common requests. Within a given room
type (such as number of bedrooms, community and home location), our team is committed to allocate rentals on a rotating
basis in efforts to equalize revenue among comparable homes.

What kind of revenue can I expect?
Specific revenue cannot be predicted or guaranteed, and in general, it largely varies depending on destination, type and quality
of accommodation, and proximity to area attractions, among other factors. Many destinations are seasonal, with revenue
during peak season differing from revenue during off-season. Our experienced team will facilitate a detailed analysis of your
home before it enters our rental program in order to set expectation and position it at the optimal rental rate. A vacation
rental, while often producing income, also requires regular expenses, which must be planned for.

What if a guest damages or steals something from my home?
Our housekeeping and management teams perform regular quality control inspections on your home both prior to arrival and
upon departure. Several steps are in place to protect you, the homeowner, from damages outside of the normal wear and
tear that should be anticipated from owning a vacation rental. Guest of our home or condominium products may choose to
purchase an Accidental Rental Damage Insurance (which covers any accidental damages up to $1,500.00), or they may pay
a refundable security deposit. Guests of our nightly resort product are required to sign a document upon check-in absorbing
fiscal responsibility.

Who pays for housekeeping?
Arrival spiffs are the responsibility of the owner, which we require any time your home has been unoccupied for more than
five days prior to an arrival and includes light touch-ups to keep your home in a fresh, guest-ready condition. For our home
and condominium inventory, departure cleaning after a check-out are the responsibility of the guest. For our nightly resort
inventory, a specific percentage or amount to cover the departure clean is deducted from rental revenues.

Who should I contact for more information?
Your point of contact for all questions ranging from marketing to accounting is our homeowner liaison department, who can be
reached at 800-237-9505 ext. 5501 or via email at owners@rqswfl.com.

Why am I being charged a maintenance fee for small repairs?
Even small repairs, such as replacing a light bulb, requires time and expense. Any time a RVA team member visits a home for
a maintenance call, there is an associated charge to cover the costs of labor and related expenses. These charges will appear
on your statement as regular maintenance calls. There are many additional household calls that our team performs as a
complimentary service outside of maintenance repairs.

Will I be billed for repairs to my property?
Yes. On your statement, the charge for maintenance labor and the actual repair item will be listed in order to keep thorough
records of all maintenance services provided. These services and items are charged at current hourly rates and prices. We will
seek owner approval for any repair item over the $300 working balance.

What if I want to exclude certain groups from renting my unit?
To protect our homeowners and guests, we require that one of the guests present in each vacation party be over the age of
25. As for large parties renting your home, we have the ability to place restrictions both in our reservation system as well
as online to limit the number of guests per reservation to prevent overflowing capacities and unsafe conditions. We provide
detailed terms and conditions to each guest that states that any breech of this restriction will result in termination of the rental
agreement including possible eviction from the property and possible forfeiture of any monies paid. Although RVA can restrict
the number of guests occupying your home during their vacation stay, limiting daytime visitors is outside of our control.

What start-up fees does RVA charge?
1. An annual management fee of $395 for a home or $295 for a condo (first year will be pro-rated as necessary) is due upon
executing your rental management agreement. After the initial year, this annual fee is charged in the month of November
and will appear on your statement accordingly.
2. A $300 working balance is required for minor repairs to your property.
3. A $65 hotel/motel license fee and $5 department of revenue licensing fee will be charged on your behalf and paid to the
4. In order to ensure your property is in rental-ready condition, you will also be billed for a mandatory deep clean upon
executing your rental management agreement, and on an annual basis. Deep clean costs vary depending on the size of the

Why is there an annual property management fee when you get a commission off each rental?
Our annual property management fee is in place to cover year-round operating costs and general upkeep of your vacation
rental home. For example, our website, marketing and accounting departments continue their services even during the times
that your rental home is in an unoccupied status.

What types of properties does RVA have?
For over 30 years, the team at RVA has specialized in vacation rentals of all caliber and location along the Gulf Coast of Florida.
Our current inventory ranges from Bradenton to Siesta Key, including the mainland of Sarasota and her various islands. We
represent all vacation products from homes and condominiums, to nightly resort-style properties. Our wide range of clientele
allows us to feature properties on the bay, on the beach, in golf course communities and in mainland areas.

Will I receive a referral fee for referring guests to RVA?
Yes, owners receive a 5% reduction in the negotiated commission rate for each referral to their home.

Why am I responsible for paying the guests’ credit card fee?
Most area property management companies pass the entire cost onto the homeowner for applicable reservations. RVA shares
the expense with our homeowners by taking our commission on the net amount after the credit card fee has been processed
as a partnership in the cost absorption with our owners.

I might be interested in making my home pet friendly – how do you ensure that my property will remain in good condition?
Choosing to make your home pet friendly is an excellent idea for homes of any size or location, and will allow for additional
exposure for your vacation home, including exposure to a very loyal clientele. A recent study of our reservation department
found that 20% of our inquiries ask for pet friendly options, while only 9% of our rental homes accept them. For the safety of
your unit, per-pet fees and mandatory deep cleans are required after each visit to ensure your property remains in top shape.
These mandatory additional cleaning fees are the responsibility of the departing guest making the pet friendly booking. RVA
is required to honor the rules of your individual condo or homeowners association (if applicable) with regards to accepting pet
friendly reservations in your rental home.

Contact our Homeowner Liaison Department today at 866-355-2169 or owners@rqswfl.com.

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